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Taxed Enough
Sheila helped pass permanent property tax limits, which actually reduced taxes on a median-valued home in the state for the first time in 12 years.

Wisconsin State Senator Sheila HarsdorfJobs, Jobs, Jobs
Sheila is leading efforts to improve our business climate and reverse Wisconsin’s trend of job losses.  Our state’s business climate ranking jumped over 20 places in two years according to one survey.

St. Croix River Crossing
Wisconsin State Senator Sheila Harsdorf
Sheila has long made replacing the Stillwater Bridge a priority and construction plans are now moving forward.

Solved Fiscal Crisis
Sheila championed budget reform that took a $3.6 billion deficit and turned it into a $154 million surplus with no tax increases or budget tricks.  Sheila backed reforms that saved taxpayers over one billion dollars.

Wisconsin State Senator Sheila HarsdorfSafe Communities
Sheila authored legislation to ban dangerous synthetic drugs that are getting into the hands of our kids, such as synthetic marijuana and those marketed as bath salts.  Sheila also supported legislation to increase penalties for online child sex crimes and to strengthen crime victims’ rights.

Families First
Sheila is working to provide flexibility to innovate and improve schools and local services, including repealing costly mandates.

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